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Re: Question to Candidates: Disappearing DPLs?

On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 08:58:42AM +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> DPLs continue to be volunteers and as such they can be hit by any kind
> of time demands from their job, their personal life, etc. Probably, the
> fact that they are in a central position, which is expected to
> communicate a lot, make their disappearance more evident than those of
> other fellow DDs.
> That being equal for all volunteers, there are probably additional
> causes such as: the burden of the task (I imagine), extra-stress, and
> even burn-out.  I personally take these latter risks very seriously and
> that's part of the reason why, if elected, I will put on all my other
> Debian activities for the duration of the term.

Discussing this question on IRC I've realized that, when I wrote the
above, I was answering a slightly different question than the one
actually posed. I was answering to what I plan to do to avoid
disappearing after the _election_ rather than after the end of the term.

It turns out that my intended course of action applies to both,
though. I think that most disappearing ex-DPL do disappear due to some
form of burn-out and/or excessive stress accumulated during the term.
What I plan to do to mitigate both risks would help avoiding that too.

However, I won't be surprised ending up _changing_ some or several of my
Debian activities at the end of the term, if elected. I believe that
most of us need periodic rotations in their (Debian) interests: as
hackers we all love what keeps high our tech excitement and it is normal
for that to have a significant overlap with new interests (for some
value of "new").  Given that I plan to put on hold my current Debian
activities, I will probably get attracted by different ones when
evaluating which to restart.


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