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Re: Amendment: Enhance requirements for General resolutions

On Sun, 22 Mar 2009, Neil McGovern wrote:

> Thanks for bringing this GR. I'd like to propose an amendment:
> ========================================================================
> General Resolutions are an important framework within the Debian
> Project. Yet, in a project the size of Debian, the current requirements
> to initiate one are too small.
> Therefore the Debian project resolves that
>  a) The constitution gets changed to not require K developers to sponsor
>     a resolution, but floor(Q). [see §4.2(1)]
>  b) Delaying a decision of a Delegate or the DPL [§4.2(2.2)],
>     as well as resolutions against a shortening of discussion/voting
>     period or to overwrite a TC decision [§4.2(2.3)] requires floor(2Q)
>     developers to sponsor the resolution.
>  c) the definition of K gets erased from the constitution. [§4.2(7)]
> (Numbers in brackets are references to sections in the constitution).
> ========================================================================
> Rationale: This is basically s/K/Q/. It keeps the 'immediate override
> delegate decision' as twice as hard as proposing a GR.


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