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Re: Proposal: Enhance requirements for General resolutions

This one time, at band camp, Joerg Jaspert said:
> Hi,
> I have felt for some time that the low requirement for seconds on General
> Resolutions is something that should be fixed. Currently it needs 5
> supporters to get any idea laid before every Debian Developer to vote
> on. While this small number was a good thing at the time Debian was
> smaller, I think it is no longer the case. We currently have over 1000
> Developers, and even if not everyone is active all the time, there
> should be a little higher barrier before all of them have to deal with
> something, effectively taking away time from their usual Debian work.

I'd be very happy to see something like this.  I'd like to propose an
amendment something like (wording not finalized, so no call for seconds

While the number of seconds required to start a vote should be nQ, the
number of seconds for an amendment should mQ, where m = n/x (x > 1).  I
think that it should be difficult to start a GR, as it's a large time
sink for the project as a whole.  Once it's clear we're going to have a
ballot, though, I see no reason it should be difficult to represent
a range of opinions on the ballot.  Possibly it should be more difficult
than it currently is, but I am not yet convinced either way.

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