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Re: Proposal: Enhance requirements for General resolutions

I'm going to make suggestions for changes to both proposals here; just
change 2*floor(Q) to floor(Q) for the second alternative. Note that
I've switched from floor(2Q) to 2*floor(Q); this changes the majority
requirements from 31 to 30, which is what the extended rationale said
as an example.

Also, I don't believe that §4.2.3 is required if we're going to have
the same procedure for both voting procedure changes, ctte overrides,
and other general overrides

Finally, I've modified the language of §4.2.2 slightly to make it
clear that the proposal needs to explicitly say that it puts the
delegate's decision on hold to avoid any need for the secretary to
have to interpret whether it does or does not.

On Sat, 21 Mar 2009, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Therefore the Debian project resolves that
>  a) The constitution gets changed to not require K developers to sponsor
>     a resolution, but floor(2Q). [see §4.2(1)]

a) §4.2.1 is changed to read:

The Developers follow the Standard Resolution Procedure, below. A
resolution or amendment is introduced if proposed by any Developer and
sponsored by at least 2*floor(Q) other Developers, or if proposed by
the Project Leader or the Technical Committee.

>  b) Delaying a decision of a Delegate or the DPL [§4.2(2.2)],
>     as well as resolutions against a shortening of discussion/voting
>     period or to overwrite a TC decision [§4.2(2.3)] requires floor(Q)
>     developers to sponsor the resolution.

b) §4.2.2 is changed to read:

When a resolution has been sponsored by at least floor(Q) Developers,
or if it is proposed by the Technical Committee, the resolution puts
the decision immediately on hold, provided that resolution itself says
that it will put the decision on hold immediately.

c) §4.2.3 is deleted.

>  c) the definition of K gets erased from the constitution. [§4.2(7)]

d) §4.2.7 is changed to read:

Q is half of the square root of the number of current Developers.
floor(Q) is the nearest integer less than or equal to Q. 2*floor(Q) is
two times floor(Q). Q need not be an integer and is not rounded.

e) §4.2 is renumbered to remain in sequence.

Don Armstrong

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be said for them: At least they meant that you could hate and despise
them in comfort.
 -- Terry Pratchett _The Fifth Elephant_ p111

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