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Re: Question to Stefano, Steve and Luk about the organisation into packaging teams.

On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 01:19:27PM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> I like a lot Stefano's statement about collaborative maintainance:
> "Collaborative maintenance should not be mandatory (we do have
> several very efficient one-man-band developers), but should be our
> default".
> First of all, I would be interested to know if it is a point of
> divergence between the candidates. Then, if there is interest for
> such a discussion, I would like to encourage you to develop your
> ideas on this subject, especially on what you can do as a DPL or DPL
> assistant.

Of course I'm not diverging with myself :-)

What I would do if the times will come, is to get in touch with NM
people. My proposal would be to add a "join a team" entry as one of
the *recommended* step in our join checklists.

That would be a first way of making the default I've mentioned in my
platform becoming reality. Applicants would not be required to do so,
but most of them will consider the option. The benefits would be

- more sound recommendations when the time comes for DDs to support
  DM/DD applications

- more (implicit, de facto) testing of the "social skills" of
  applicants, as opposed as technical skills *only*

- give a reason to teams to declare and organize themselves
  in structures like wiki.d.o/Teams.

  In the end, that page can become an entry point where applicants
  look for ways to help that matches their interests. IMO it would be
  way better than pointing to the absolutely chaotic WNPP pages, they
  just scare newbies away.

I hope that all this explain a bit more my position on the topic.
If not, feel free to ask more detailed questions.


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