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Re: Purpose of the Constitution and the Foundation Documents

Matthew Vernon writes ("Re: Purpose of the Constitution and the Foundation Documents"):
> [Ian Jackson:]
> >  - To help voters choose, the following people should be able to
> >    require the Secretary to quote on each GR ballot form a URL
> >    of their choice, to be used by them for disseminating their vews on
> >    the vote:
> >        The Proposer of each resolution or amendment
> >        The Project Leader
> >        Each Delegate or group of Delegate(s) named or overruled
> >        A nominee of the Technical Committee
> >        A nominee of each Trusted organisation designated according to 9.3
> It should be possible for a group of developers who want to propose
> voting "further discussion" to achieve this, too.

It has rarely occurred that anyone wants to actively campaign for
Further Discussion.

If people just want the status quo it is very helpful for them to also
be encouraged to state what they think the status quo is, since many
of our disputes have been about that.

But if it should arise, my formulation leaves that door open: you can
propose a resolution which says `this matter should be discussed
further' and get seconds for it.

Perhaps a better option would be to add to the list:

           Anyone else who is nominated by as many supporters
            as would be required to propose an alternative


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