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Re: Purpose of the Constitution and the Foundation Documents

Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk> writes:
>  C. Rewrite the foundation documents so that they are clearly
>     comprehensible (rather than vague) and establish an independent
>     legally-minded body to make these decisions.
>  D. Establish (or empower) some kind of interpretation committee,
>     which would have to be elected.

I very much agree with you about the foundation document issue. I
especially would not want either of these alternatives to become the
reality. In my opinion Debian is very averse to decisions by
committees, and uses those only as a last resort for a very small
subset of potential problems (ie. the TC). All other decisions are
made either by individual developers or by the developer body as a
whole (the GR process).

Having a committee to rule on such potentially controversial issues
as the interpretation of the DFSG and the SC would lead to massive
flamewars and GRs after GRs to overrule said committee.

I think we should take a good hard look at this issue, but preferably
only after Lenny is released, so the people working hard to achieve
that goal won't be distracted by another important issue.

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