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Re: First call for votes for the Lenny release GR

----- "Steve Langasek" wrote:
> Yes, because it's not a supersession of the Foundation Document; it's either
> a position statement or an override of a decision by a delegate.  Position
> statements are not binding; overrides of delegates can only override
> decisions that have actually been taken.  Either way, if 50%+1 of the
> project wants to order a project delegate to do something that contradicts
> the Social Contract, there's no constitutional basis for having the
> Secretary prevent them from doing so.  *The Secretary is an officer of the
> constitution, not of the Social Contract*.

Is now an inappropriate time to start a GR to formally recognize the Social Contract as a component of the constitution? The notion that the Social Contract (our purpose and motivation) is less binding that the Constitution (how we get things done) seems nonsensical in the extreme.

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