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Re: New section for firmware.

On Tue, 23 Dec 2008, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Having two sets of images doesn't make sense to me; the CD team have
> already posted publically this cycle about the infrastructure
> challenges involved with publishing those images that they already
> have to accomodate, doubling the image count doesn't sound feasible,

I don't see the need for multiple CD sets.[1]

All that should be needed is a single first CD (netinst or similar
small image?) and hdimage (and floppies?) with all of the non-free
firmware we can legally distribute present.[2] After the initial
installation, users can then use the normal CDs and or DVDs to add
additional software. Presumably the non-free firmware CD would also
contain the packages and archive structure necessary for normal
installation of the non-free firmware containing packages. I'd think
that an extra 600Mx3 (or however many architectures need non-free
firmware) wouldn't be a huge deal for our cdimage mirrors.

Ideally, such a CD would be marked as "unofficial" or similar to
indicate that it contains non-free firmware, but it could be linked
and distributed as normal.

Don Armstrong

1: -vote really is the wrong list to discuss this on; Cc'ing debian-cd
so knowledgeable people there can tell me I'm on crack.

2: We could make the larger images too, I guess, but there's no reason
why you couldn't just load the packages from the normal set of media.
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