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Re: New section for firmware.

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Didier Raboud wrote:
> And if this section is not considered "part of the Debian system", why
> including software from it on the Debian CD's ? (The inverse question is to
> be answered too…)

Because it might be required in order to install all that free software
in the first place.

How should one download the firmware for the network card? (Please don't
tell me: from a second computer or after installing an other non-free OS
on that computer, as this might not be possible or might be difficult
for some users. )

> If the section would be considered "part of the Debian system", some
> documentation from "outside" the Debian system (non-free) would migrate to
> the Debian system, without any change in licence. This is a big move.

No. 'sourceless' will be another section, technically just like 'non-free'.

Once the free OS is installed, activating the whole evil empire of
'non-free' is achieved by just adding these words to a single line of a
config file. I presume that 'main' and 'non-free' packages rest
peacefully next to each other on the hard disk of some package server.
(I might be wrong here, but at least that is how it appears to the user:
just activate 'non-free' for the very same server you use for main.

I don't see, why this has to be different for the installer: why would
the Debian project insist that the firmware must not be included with
the installer and should be put on a second, different installation
medium, though there might be more than enough space on the first

(Of course no non-free software is to be installed without explicit
action on of the user, just as with 'non-free'. )

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