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Re: Results for Project membership procedures

aj wrote:
>      ---- Joey Hess

Hmm, I have the ballot (3341) that I sent in on Dec 14th right here. I
have logs indicating it got to master[1] half an hour before deadline. I
see I got an ACK for the other ballot, sent at the same time, but not
for this one.

Anyway, it's always interesting to see your vote analysis. Managing to
make this vote actually mean something is quit an accomplishment.

see shy jo

[1] Dec 14 23:24:34 wren postfix/smtp[10681]: 1216131437A: to=<gr_membership@vote.debian.org>, relay=master.debian.org[]:25, delay=6.7, delays=2.3/0.02/3.5/0.79, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 OK id=1LC50U-0004Tc-EZ)

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