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Re: I hereby resign as secretary

[...] (Sorry for only focusing on the below point, it was a really nice, but at
the same time also scary read!)

> One bright spot is that I think there are fewer poisonous people in
> positions of authority in Debian now than in many points in its
> history.  We have a great leadership team, including ftpmasters,
> listmasters, release managers, secretary, SPI board, translators,
> system admins, DPLs, etc. and I am amazed at the amount of crap they
> put up with in order to do thankless tasks.  Even though I don't agree
> with everything you do, I've got to say: great job.  You guys do a job
> I would never want, day in and day out, and take lots of crap in the
> process.  Thanks for making this project possible.
> Now if only we could say positive things about people BEFORE they
> resign, wouldn't this be a better place?

Yes. Yes. Absolutely. I've written about that to Manoj in PM such as not to feed
the trolls any further, and my choice of words has probably not been as
profound, but I nevertheless tried it: We don't take those 5 minutes to say
"thank you" to all of those doing the grunt work in here (well, actually we
don't say it to a single one of them); instead, we use up all of our time to
flame over and over again. There is one slight hope, though: I might be
overly generalizing and saying "our time" when actually it is only a small, but
loud, group of people.

The hope lies in the community being even stronger than those few crying out
louder and making others think that their point is what Debian is about.  Free
speech is great, but sometimes silence is indeed gold.

  "It is better to sit alone than in company with the bad; and it is better
  still to sit with the good than alone. It better to speak to a seeker of
  knowledge than to remain silent; but silence is better than idle words."
  [Imam Bukhari]


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