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Re: On the firmwares/Lenny vote

Adeodato Simó <dato@net.com.org.es> wrote:


>> I explicitly did not include a ballot suggestion in my post, so please
>> don't put words in my mouth :)
> Sorry, honest mistake. I intended to put a "paraphrased" laben on those
> brackets, but I forgot, I'm sorry.

No problem, but you got your "paraphrasing" wrong, too. I did not
write the "sensible" options needed to be ranked equally *and* first,
only that they needed to be ranked equally.

Ie voting
   sensible options/FD/zealot options
   FD/sensible options/zealot options

I'm emphasizing this now, because voting FD first and everyting else
ranked equally below FD doesn't help (that's 2222221); sensible
options need to be ranked higher.

I wrote my post carefully because my intent wass not to tell people what
they needed to vote, but to highlight *how* (and not *what*) to
vote. I felt that given the complexity of this vote, it was important
to highlight that, if only to get people to carefully look at how the
vote works.


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