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Re: Call for vote (Re: call for seconds: on firmware)

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> wrote:
> To cast a vote, it is necessary to send this ballot, with the text form
> (which is embedded later in this ballot) filled out, to a dedicated
> e-mail address, in a signed message, as described below.

Suggest restructuring to simplify:-

To cast a vote, complete the text form (embedded later in this ballot)
and send the completed ballot in a signed message to a dedicated
e-mail address as described below.

> [   ] Choice 4: Empower the release team to decide about allowing DFSG violations [3:1]

Other posts defined in the foundation documents seem to use "appoint"
more than "empower" - suggested reword:-

[   ] Choice 4: Appoint the release team to decide DFSG violations policy [3:1]

Would be good to have message-ids or links for the proposals if
they're handy.

Hope that helps,
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