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Re: Another one?

* Peter Palfrader (weasel@debian.org) [081031 09:37]:
> I wonder if we should haven an option on the ballot that asks the DAM to
> basically go forward with their idea, explicitly authorizing them to
> merge the DM setup in to it?

I think it would be helpful to have that as an explicit option.

> I don't have a wording for this yet, but I could probably come up with
> one if requested.

That could be quite short:

|   The Debian Project recognizes that many contributors to the project are not
|   working withing established frameworks of Debian and thus are not provided by
|   the project with as much help as might be possible, useful or required, nor
|   opportunities to join the project.
|   We thank Joerg Jaspert for exploring ideas on how to involve contributors more
|   closely with and within the project so that they can get both recognition and
|   the necessary tools to do their work, and support and encourage him to go
|   ahead with implementing the proposal.
(all except the last part taken from your other proposal)


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