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Consequences for the lenny release, was: Call for seconds: DFSG violations in Lenny

Robert Millan <rmh@aybabtu.com> writes:

>    4. We give priority to the timely release of Lenny over sorting every bit
>       out; for this reason, we will treat fixing of DFSG violations as a
>       best-effort process.

Did anyone already writeup a summary of stuff that would be covered by
this note? My questions in particular:

 - are the violations in glibc covered here?

 - are the violations in portmap covered here?

 - what other violations are currently known to exist in lenny?

AFAIUI and have if Robert's option 2 (allow Lenny to release with
proprietary firmware) gets voted over option 3 (allow Lenny to release
with any DFSG violations) all these issues have the potential to delay
the lenny release until they are fixed. Is my understanding correct?

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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