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Re: [DRAFT] resolving DFSG violations

Robert Millan a écrit :
> [ This is a DRAFT, only intended to get feedback.  Do not second yet! ]


> Option 1 (set an upper limit)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> The developers resolve that:
> When ever a package in Debian is found to have been violating the DFSG for
> 60 days or more, and none of the solutions that have been implemented (if
> any) is considered suitable by the maintainers, the package must be moved
> from Debian ("main" suite) to the Non-free repository ("non-free" suite).
> The action of moving it may be performed by any of the developers.  When
> this happens, any known DFSG violation in the package must be resolved
> before the package can be moved back into Debian.

An example of such a package is glibc (bug#382175). I don't think that
removing SUNRPC support (and with it NIS, NFS and more) is a suitable
choice (unless we want to lose all users who haven't switched yet to

The bug being more than 60 days old, does it mean that we have to move
glibc to non-free (and with it, half of the archive to contrib)? It
would be faster to move everything to non-free.

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