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Re: Q: Marc Brockschmidt: "tight-knitted groups of friends"

Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org> writes:
> Your platform contains the following claim:
>> This can hardly be solved from the outside - but a start would be to 
>> not defame these groups as "evil cabals" hindering the rest of the 
>> project out of spite.
> Why can "this" not be solved from the outside?

One possible way out of this is replacing the whole team, but the
entailed pain in the transition period and the loss of experience is
usually too big to make complete replacement a viable option. OTOH,
experience shows that enforced addition of new members doesn't work as
one would expect. The usual pattern is that old members end up in a
closed circle of "masters", while the new members get to help as
"assistants", ensuring that the additional help can't actually help with
all tasks. 
As we are working with volunteers here, there's no real way to enforce a
change in this pattern, so the only option left is constant constructive
criticism with an emphasis on the fact that letting new people in could
solve most issues. Flaming usually just wastes everyones time and only
makes the involved parties resent changes more than before.

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