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Re: All DPL Candidates: www.debian.org licensing?

Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@lucas-nussbaum.net> wrote:
> On 11/03/08 at 16:22 +0000, MJ Ray wrote:
> > There seemed to be broad consensus on BSD-style as default with other
> > DFSG licences like GPLv2 being allowed, didn't there?
> I don't think so. Some people want a BSD license, some want the GPL,
> some want to write their own license. It would look like a good idea to
> have a single license for the whole website, or at least a license
> policy (like "anything DFSG-compliant and compatible with GPL v2 or
> later") that won't annoy anybody later.

OK, I really thought there was.  I'll ping the licence bug to clarify
whether there's consensus.  I think a policy is possible, but probably
not a particular license.  Then again, it would look like a good idea
to have a single license for the whole distribution, but that's not
achievable either, so that's probably not a blocker.

> > > Questions about that issue:
> > > 1) You seem to think that delegating someone now would be useful. Why?
> > 
> > I think we should ask a debian-tied lawyer before doing a lot of unfun
> > work which may turn out to be useless if we get it wrong.  I'm not
> > confident that we can do this through SPI unless the DPL or a delegate
> > asks, because some SPI members seem to oppose it without that.  Even
> > so, I think SPI is the best route for the project to ask a lawyer.
> I agree, but why are you asking for a delegation (constitution 5.1.1)
> instead of simply asking the DPL to tell SPI that X is going to be the
> interface between -www@ and SPI on that issue.

Firstly, I expect this could take longer than one DPL and it's the
sort of task that seems to get lost in handovers.

Secondly, delegation should make X's task clear to both this project
and SPI in a robust way and seemed the most obvious to me.  How does
the constitution give the DPL a power to tell SPI that X is going to
be the interface, except by delegating some aspect of the DPL's power
under 5.1.10?

> Ultimately, after legal advice is seeked, it's still -www@ who is going
> to decide, no?

Maybe.  If there's really no consensus, maybe all developers should
be asked to throw in their two-penn'orth in a GR.  Not great, but one
of the few resolution tools the project has.

> > If not, can we ask [a lawyer] of ours, if Raphael becomes DPL?
> Yes.

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