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Re: Raphael Hertzog: When to commit into repositories of teams?

aj wrote: [...]
> ...so much for non-adversarial campaigning, I guess.

Why?  So far, this is only adversarial questioning of a candidate.
It doesn't necessarily require adversarial campaigning in reply.
Or is aba campaigning for one of the other candidates?

FWIW, I think each of the candidates have some doubtful debian deeds
worth explaining, but there's only one I expect to get all
my-way-or-highway-style adversarial if questioned aggressively.
With any luck, we'll see in the campaign-only aeons whether that's

Oh and I don't really understand the question: why should anyone stop
commits into a repository?  You could just ask that they're not put on
the release management branch without review.

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