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Unclear license status for prospective package ht2html


 I'm considering packaging ht2html [1] for Debian, mainly because the
Jython package I'm working on uses it to build its documentation.

 The ht2html tarball doesn't include any license text file and no
copyright notice is found in source files.

 But according to the SourceForge project page [2] the "Python License
(CNRI Python License)" applies. Also the README file of the tarball
references Barry Warsaw as the upstream author.

 I anticipate that it won't be sufficiently clear to allow inclusion of
ht2html in Debian. I'm going to contact Barry Warsow to ask him a
clarification but, as ht2html is rather an old and not really active
project, I fear he won't be inclined to release a new version.

 Is a new tarball with clear copyright notices mandatory for Debian ?

 Would an email stating the copyright and licensing status of ht2html be
sufficient ?
 Is there any other solution ?


[1] http://ht2html.sourceforge.net
[2] http://sourceforge.net/projects/ht2html

Nicolas Duboc <nduboc@debian.org>

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