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Re: On the "Debian Maintainers" GR

Christoph Berg wrote:
> IMHO the current process with sponsors reviewing and uploading
> packages has proven to work nicely, i.e. the amount of broken packages
> uploaded is not too high. Most of the perceived problems with this
> process stem from the fact that most of the packages offered on
> debian-mentors or #debian-mentors are initially crap and need lots of
> review cycles. Once people produce good packages asking the last
> sponsor for another upload should work. (And at that point NM will be
> a breeze.)

Actually, I've had a lot of trouble finding sponsors for any of my packages,
despite requesting them multiple times on debian-mentors and more
package-specific lists. For example, libdbus-java hasn't been sponsored since
December, despite my having packaged several versions since and requested
uploads for them all. I have 9 packages waiting for sponsoring; some of which
are new, but several are just uploads to existing packages.

For the record, I _also_ think improvements need to be made to the NM process,
which I shall start working on as soon as I become a DD. I'm in the 'DAM'
stage, but given I've been there for 3 weeks now with 30 people ahead of me and
no progress, this might take some time....

Matthew Johnson

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