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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal, alternative update

Hi mate

> > (Note: If the NM applies for DD status, he can become a DM after FD
> > approval)
> Is "an NM process" different from "the NM process"?
> If the last item would require the applicant to apply for NM-ship and
> not be rejected from this process, it would help those in the NM process
> waiting for one thing or another.  It should be required that the applicant
> is maintaining a package already as well, though.
Meant is "the NM process". Of course, parts like T&S are up to the AM. The AMs 
might use a reduced set of questions for the NM to become a DM (therefore, 
the most important parts ...). In the end FD has to check for completeness 
though (which is atm damn fast). In order to get an AM, the applicant has to 
have contributed in some way and this is checked by the FD as well, therefore 
the point "must have a package or contributed $foo" is looked after.


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