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Re:%20Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

> For me, "I do want to be part of Debian anymore" does not coincide with
> "I 
> want to upload to Debian". Someone who uploads to Debian *is* part of
> the 
> community.
> I see no reason to vote for a proposal that facilitates people who
> explicitly 
> denounce Debian to be granted rights to the same Debian.

This really sounds like sectarian stuff. One should be entirely devoted
to the sect, and thus become a DD, or entirely out of the thing, and
thus contribute nothing.

In my professional life, I use some proprietary software. And when
I have opportunity to chat with an engineer or technical marketing from
those software provider, I explain them what to improve in their
product, and sometimes even how to do so. I do not share their values, I
do not approve their social involvments, but I help them improve their
product because I need that product. That is pragmatism.

I use Debian for only technical reasons, basically because dpkg works
better than rpm, and because files tend to be in the right places (logs
in /var/log, and configs not in /usr/local/stuff/etc). I have only very
minor interest in anything else in Debian. Does it make me an infidel,
and so my potential contributions should be discarded as tainted?



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