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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

On Sat, Jun 23, 2007 at 01:43:03PM +0100, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> Upload rights
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>   With those two previous points in place, I still think that DM has one
> idea right: give upload rights early. [...]
>   So I also think that the jetring idea has to be explored and
> implemented for those people, that have P&P right, until they are full
> DDs.

Just to be explicit: I won't be working further on this without explicit
endorsement by the project, probably by GR. Allowing uploads from non-DDs
is a significant enough change with insufficient support from various
quarters that I'm not volunteering to put up with the angst from just
doing it.

(That's definitely not to say I have any problems with Pierre's proposed
approach; I think it's worth having a class of contributors who aren't
aiming to become DDs, and I think trying to "fix" n-m isn't going to be
easy, especially without an alternative way of contributing to Debian,
so I prefer the DM concept; but that wouldn't stop me from working on
it if it the project made it clear that's the direction it wants to go in.
Hope that makes sense)


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