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Re: Proposal: GR to deal with effects of a personal dispute

On Fri, Jun 01, 2007 at 10:39:46AM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> MJ Ray writes ("Proposal: GR to deal with effects of a personal dispute"):
> > There is a lamentable personal dispute between Sven Luther and some
> > other developers.  There have been some attempts at reconciliation and
> > various offers, but none have succeeded in ending this dispute.
> ...
> > 1. Sven Luther is suspended [...]
> This is absurd.  We need a general way of dealing with these kind of
> problems which does not include GRs !

We needed it a year ago already, and back then the only way was the DPL,
who failed, and oriented me at a GR.

I applaud your proposal, even if it is too late to do me any good, but
please have a look at the propsoals i have made in response to
anthony's. I think it is important to set up these things in order to
not even allow for the impression of foul play in the future.

Look at real-life court, they have had centuries to fine-tune these
procedures, and have a mechanism of dealing with the few loop-holes


Sven Luther

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