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Re: Proposal: GR to deal with effects of a personal dispute

>>>>> "Sven" == Sven Luther <luther@debian.org> writes:

    >> > Do we really want to go into creating castes of DDs ?
    >> No, but it's already happened.  Let's move on.

    Sven> I prefer fixing it, now is the right moment to solve it once
    Sven> and for all in the right way.

Just an observation:

This whole problem seems to be because everyone, from both "sides", is
thinking about the situation in terms of what *they* want or don't

* I want these flame wars to go away
* I want the mailing lists to become technical content again
* I want Sven to go away and not come back
* I want Sven to stop posting so much
* I want Sven to stop posting inflammatory posts
* I want to be sure these problems don't reoccur
* I want Debian to treat me fairly
* I want Debian to treat developers fairly
* I want Debian to have fare processes to deal with this in the future
* I want ...
* etc

Some of these may or may not conflict. No particular order. I probably
missed some.

This strategy is not going to work. Just saying "I want ..." is not
going to convince the other party to change their mind and give it to

Even the approach "if you give me X I will give you Y" may not work,
unless people trust that you will give Y.

A better approach is required - repeatedly banging your head against
the wall is not going to help. No matter how hard or how long you do
it for.
Brian May <bam@snoopy.debian.net>

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