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Re: A question to the Debian community ... (Was: Question for Sam Hocevar "Gay Nigger Association of America")

On Wed, May 09, 2007 at 02:01:52AM +0200, Rob Burgers wrote:
> you know all this flamin is starting to make you guys look like childeren..
> yer profesionals act like it otherwise debian will lose its user base.

Well, i got suspended for a year, because i dared present myself as DPL,
and some felt threatened by this. The handling of the expulsion request
was all but fair, in the same vain of what happened since over a year,
and taken solely by two persons, without any attempt to try to slve the
dispute in other way, and against the 10:1 wish of the DDship, as
expressed during the expulsion procedure. I even meet in person James
Troup at the begining of the expulsion procedure, and he did not speak a
single word to me about the subject, nor was the oportunity that so many
of us where at FOSDEM taken to have an in-life resolution of the

Yet, i fear that the way an expulsion procedure was used to fight my DPL
candidature, and the diffamation campaign sam is under go beyond mere
'childishness', and if debian really supports this kind of behaviour,
where censorship and the abuse of power by a few to get their way is
pursued, then Debian better dies quickly, because it will have lost all
right to the loyalty and devotion of its DDship.


Sven Luther

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