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My DPL candidature ...

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Hi, ...

Well, given the current situation, with the expulsion process started by
Anthony Town and Steve McIntyre against me still running, i think it is best
for everyone if i retire myself as DPL candidate.

There have been rumors that i candidated as DPL only to get some kind of
revenge in the ongoing conflict with Frans and the d-i leadership, or to
get attention to my case, and even folk who should know better like Wouter
Verhelst seem to share this opinion. Well, to all those who thought so, i
guess this shows how they would have acted in my place, and shows how little
regard they have for debian to think that anyone could use the DPL election to
further his own personal interest, so, shame on you for your bad thoughts.

Furthermore it pains me to see Debian fall down so far, to see people asking
for my expulsion after i decided to run as DPL candidate, because of the above
opinions, or in fear of what i would do if elected. It is sad to see such
mafioso-like politics come to debian, which should have been something more
pure and better.

In any case, just to dispel some doubts, no, i did never plan to use the DPL
election as a mean to attract attention, but because i saw problems in debian,
to which i believed i have some answers, and would have tried to solve and
bring debian out of the conflict-generating mood we have seen last year, and
back into a constructive, motivating state as it should have been. There are
other candidates who are pushing for these ideas, so i don't feel myself
forced to continue running for DPL in the current circunstances.

So, i thus officially announce my retirement from the DPL election, which
undoubtly will make Manoj's live easier, and we will not fear anymore
confusion in the voting system with regard to the complexity of it :)

And for those who want to flame me in return, please do so in private, or in
the -private thread about my expulsion.


Sven Luther

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