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Re: Question to candidates: position on non-free?

Kari Pahula wrote:
> I would like to hear what the candidates think about the non-free
> section.  Is having it hosted on Debian's infrastructure still worth
> it?  Do you expect that there would be any changes regarding its
> status during your term?  Do you think that there are going to be
> votes like http://www.debian.org/vote/2004/vote_002 again?

My position is that the more software is available to our users in
nicely packaged and easy to install for, the better it is for our users,
for Debian and for the free software movement in general. Therefore I
would be against closure of the non-free repositories.

In my opinion there should be as little problem as possible for a
non-free software developer to provide support for their software on the
Debian platform, including by allowing of freeware software with enough
redistribution rights to be distributed via the non-free.

However it might be beneficial to split off management of the non-free
repository to another legal entity, possibly in another country with a
less restrictive patent law and/or less aggressive judicial system while
at the same time maintaining all the same services via the main Debian
development tools, such as BTS and (where possible) build demons. It
would be a partially technical and partially legal solution, that some
might argue is in a search of the problem.

Best regards,
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