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Re: Summary for the upload package rules GR

On Sun, Mar  4, 2007 at 23:41:26 +0100, Bastian Venthur wrote:

> Bill Allombert schrieb:
> > Questions raised in the discussion period that are relevant to the GR.
> [...]
> > Q) We should only allow source-only upload!
> > 
> > A) This is orthogonal to this GR. If developers are not allowed to do
> > combined source and binary packages uploads, this GR is moot.
> I've voted against the GR solely because of this reason. I think we
> should aim for source only uploads in the long run, so consequently
> voting in favor of this GR would be a step in the wrong direction.
I fear you don't understand what "orthogonal" means.  This GR is neither
a step in the "right" direction, nor a step in the "wrong" direction.
It's completely unrelated to the issue of source-only uploads.


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