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Re: DPL candidate question

On Sun, Feb 25, 2007, Curt Larson wrote:

> The very hot topic this week is Dell's move to offer open source
> alternatives. Buried several clicks away from Dells 'Ideas in Action'
> page is a vague reference to Debian pertaining to 8G servers. Would
> you as DPL make it a primary goal to attract as many DD's as you could
> to work specifically on eliminating the gotchas of installing Debian
> on Dell Desktops, Laptops and Servers working towards putting Debian
> at the top of Dells (and maybe others to follow) list of approved and
> pre-installed OS's?

   However I see no reason to make it a primary goal. I have little
knowledge of what the gotchas could be, but my feeling is that the major
ones are not Debian-specific at all anyway (ACPI woes, 3D drivers,
wireless firmware...) and the NM process does not train us into
low-level hacking, so I wouldn't see how to attract DDs anyway.

   If the DPL approaching Dell as the project representative and asking
for specification documents, test laptops or a privileged communication
channel with Dell engineers qualifies as "attracting DDs", then I'd
happily do that or appoint someone.


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