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Questions Regarding Delegates

The first power enumerated to the DPL in the Debian Constitution is the
power to appoint and remove delegates.  My questions are directed at
determining how you as DPL will use this power to guide the Debian

1) Do you believe past DPL's have used the power of delegation

2) Are there any current delegations you plan to change?

3) Are there any developers with positions of authority who should be
given the official sanction of being delegated this authority?

4) Do you believe that ongoing delegations should be limited in time or

5) Do you feel it is better to delegate additional developers to an area
of responsibility or to replace delegates when that area is not being
handled effectively.

5.1) In new areas that cannot be effectively handled by a single
developer, would it be better to delegate the authority to a team or to
delegate the authority to an individual and allow that individual to
form their own team?

6) Will you explicitly rescind and redelegate all delegated positions if
you are elected DPL?

7) Will you resign from any delegated positions you currently hold if
you are elected DPL?

7.1) Do you feel that section 2.1.2, namely "that the Leader cannot
appoint themselves as their own Delegate", should be understood to mean
that the DPL should not hold any delegated positions even when those
delegations were made by a previous DPL?

8) Do you feel that more rapid turnover in delegated positions would be
beneficial or detrimental to the project?

9) Is there anything about your approach to delegates which will make
your administration different from those of past DPLs that was not

Thank you for your time and your contributions to the Debian Project.


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