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Re: DPL candidate question

On Sun, Feb 25, 2007 at 10:52:20PM -0500, Curt Larson wrote:
> As kind of a follow-up to the basic 'what would you do as DPL that you
> could not do as DD?' I would like to know more about how you would
> handle marketing Debian.

First of all, I would like to make clear that I do not view marketing as
the DPL's primary job. It's one of the DPL's responsibilities to be a
central point of contact to non-Debian folks, which does indeed involve
marketing, but there are other, more important, jobs the DPL has.

> The very hot topic this week is Dell's move to offer open source
> alternatives. Buried several clicks away from Dells 'Ideas in Action'
> page is a vague reference to Debian pertaining to 8G servers. Would
> you as DPL make it a primary goal to attract as many DD's as you could
> to work specifically on eliminating the gotchas of installing Debian
> on Dell Desktops, Laptops and Servers working towards putting Debian
> at the top of Dells (and maybe others to follow) list of approved and
> pre-installed OS's?  ~'your friendly debian-vote watcher'

Thanks for pointing this out; Having been on FOSDEM last weekend, I
must've missed this indeed very interesting announcement. A similarly
important announcement is the recent HP communication that they have
made $25 million by selling Debian care packs.

I don't think there's very much a DPL by himself could do to help Dell
in this regard. However, I do think Debian as a whole could do much, and
someone to guide Dell and its employees in our community, to bring them
into contact with the right Debian Developers and/or contributors would
most likely be very helpful. This someone could very well be the DPL or
one of his delegates.

If Dell understands the Debian community, however, then even that won't
be necessary.

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