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Re: Bits from the 2IC


On Tuesday 20 February 2007 15:56, Gustavo Franco wrote:
> It wasn't too polite from Steve, IMHO. He lost a great opportunity to
> avoid use d-d-a to promote his campaign even before the campaign
> period starts. Please Martin, just check the timing of the things and
> how it was planned.

While I do think it would have been better, to first send the bits and then 
the nomination, I believe it was an honest mistake. And in a way I'm glad 
that Steve (DDs running for DPL in general) is not a perfect politican ;)

Probably Steve just had a moment of free time, did the easy thing from his 
todo-list first (sending a short nomination mail) and then did the more time 
consuming thing, sending those bits.


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