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Re: [GR] DD should be allowed to perform binary-only uploads

On Friday 09 February 2007 05:52, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> The use case I imagine at this point is that a maintainer uploads a
> library package src+bin (e.g. src+amd64) for his private arch, and after
> weeks he notices, that it still has not been built on e.g. sparc yet. So
> he decides to start his spare Ultra 1 workstation, builds the package in
> his custom environment and uploads it. My question to this use case:
> What happens with the "lost" buildlogs? Is there any possibility for a
> maintainer who depends on this library to check the build logs for this
> package on this particular architecture? Is the maintainer somehow
> encouraged or force by policy to publish his buildlogs?

Does is this different from wanting to check the amd64 build log, but it 
can't be done because that was the initial architecture upload? This 
scenerio is basically just equivalent to a src+amd64+sparc upload instead 
of a src+sparc or src+amd64 upload. Already maintainers can basically 
upload src+(any architecture of their choosing) for each version. In fact, 
I occasionally upload my own packages as src+i386, but other times as 
src+amd64. If I had a sparc machine, I'd probably upload my packages as 
src+sparc every once in a while just for fun and profit.

If we think that's a bad idea, we should propose that maintainers must do 
src+bin uploads but that the bin will be discarded and rebuild for *every* 
architecture. To my knowledge, this has been discussed many times before 
but never proposed officially.

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