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Re: Call for votes for "GR: Re-affirm support to the Debian Project Leader"


Thomas Bushnell BSG:
> > Okay... now what the hell should happen if these ballots both succeed?
> We would know that Debian developers are insane.  The ballots cannot
> both succeed unless sufficient people vote to Re-affirm the DPL *and*
> vote to recall him.

That assertion holds only if everybody who votes does so on both
ballots. Our quorum is less than 50 people -- thus, we could hold
20 valid elections with entirely disjoint sets of participants,
neither of whom would be insane by that metric.

Doing those 20 elections would of course be somewhat insane, but the
conceptual difference between 1 and 2 is larger than between 2 and 20.

Yes I know: it's still rather unlikely fo the votes to get that result,
but that's not my point.

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