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Re: Question (Re: Call for votes for "GR: Re-affirm support to the Debian Project Leader")

Le dimanche 08 octobre 2006 20:23, Russ Allbery a écrit :

> The above are just attempted summaries of the differences between two
> position statements.  You really want to read the full statements
> themselves and see if you agree more with one or the other (or with
> neither).

Well, it does summarize pretty well:

1/ says the Debian Project does not object to the experiment and it is not
the result of a decision of the Debian Project

2/ says it doesn't endorse nor support any projects Mr Towns may lead or
participate in outside Debian

Pretty much the same. The only difference is that 1/ wishes success
to Dunc Tank, which makes Debian look nice with it.

> In practice, I think either choice 1 or choice 2 is going to be
> effectively the same in terms of its effect on the project; the real
> choice is between one or the other means of saying "we support AJ as DPL"
> or not saying that (choice 3).
> I think it would have been somewhat clearer if it were all on the same
> ballot as the recall, but I do understand the reasoning.



Jérôme Marant

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