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Call for vote (was Re: Proposal: Recall the Project Leader)


I am hereby calling for a vote on the recall resolution.
As will be confirmed by Loic Minier in a separate mail, we
agreed upon shortening the discussion and voting periods
to one week, per delegation of the Debian Project Leader[1].

Of course, the voting period in the WML file will be edited
by the Secretary to fit his agenda.
Manoj, please note also that I added the 2 seconds mentioned
in <20061004200720.GA6311@linuxfr.org>, but I do not know if
you count them as valid yet.

[1] <20061003062243.GC4841@azure.humbug.org.au>
[   ] Choice 1: Recall the project leader
[   ] Choice 2: Further discussion
<define-tag pagetitle>General Resolution: Recall the project leader</define-tag>
<define-tag status>P</define-tag>
#use wml::debian::template title="<pagetitle>" BARETITLE="true" NOHEADER="true"
#use wml::debian::toc
#use wml::debian::votebar

    <vtimeline />
    <table class="vote">
        <td>Wednesday,  20<sup>th</sup> September, 2006</td>
        <th>Discussion Period:</th>
        <td>Thursday,   21<sup>st</sup> September, 2006</td>
        <td>Wednesday,   4<sup>th</sup> October, 2006</td>
        <th>Voting Period</th>
        <td>Thursday,  5<sup>th</sup> October, 00:00:00 UTC, 2006</td>
	<td>Thursday, 12<sup>th</sup> October, 00:00:00 UTC, 2006</td>
    <vproposer />
    <p> Denis Barbier
      [<a href="mailto:barbier@debian.org";>barbier@debian.org</a>]
    <vseconds />
      <li> Clint Adams
        [<a href="mailto:schizo@debian.org";>schizo@debian.org</a>]
      <li> Julien Blache
        [<a href="mailto:jblache@debian.org";>jblache@debian.org</a>]
      <li> Marc Dequ&egrave;nes
        [<a href="mailto:duck@debian.org";>duck@debian.org</a>]
      <li> Pierre Habouzit
        [<a href="mailto:madcoder@debian.org";>madcoder@debian.org</a>]
      <li> Aur&eacute;lien Jarno
        [<a href="mailto:aurel32@debian.org";>aurel32@debian.org</a>]
      <li> MJ Ray
        [<a href="mailto:mjr@debian.org";>mjr@debian.org</a>]
      <li> Martin Schulze
        [<a href="mailto:joey@debian.org";>joey@debian.org</a>]
      <li> Anthony Towns
        [<a href="mailto:ajt@debian.org";>ajt@debian.org</a>]

    <vmindiscuss />
    Denis Barbier and Lo&iuml;c Minier, per
    <a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2006/10/msg00024.html";>\
    delegation of the Debian Project Leader</a>, vary the discussion and voting
    periods by one week.  The voting period is then one week long only.

    <vquorum />
        With <a href="vote_005_quorum.log">1000 developers</a>,
        we have:
#include 'vote_005_quorum.txt'
#include 'vote_005_quorum.inc'

    <vstatistics />
      For this GR, as always 
      <a href="suppl_005_stats">statistics</a>
      shall be gathered about ballots received and acknowledgements
      sent periodically during the voting period.  Additionally, the
      list of
      <a href="vote_005_voters.txt">voters</a>
      would be made publicly available. Also, the
      <a  href="vote_005_tally.txt">tally sheet</a>
      may also be viewed after to voting is done (Note that
      while the vote is in progress it is a dummy tally sheet).

    <vmajorityreq />
      All the amendments need simple majority
#include 'vote_005_majority.inc'

    <voutcome />
    <h3>The outcome</h3>
#include 'vote_005_results.inc'

        <a href="mailto:srivasta@debian.org";>Manoj Srivastava</a>

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