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Re: Proposal: Recall the Project Leader

On 9/20/06, Denis Barbier <barbier@linuxfr.org> wrote:
Anthony Towns [wrote]:
   A question that has been raised is whether the
   organisation can be sufficiently "outside" of Debian when
   the DPL is intimately involved.  I don't have the answer
   to that - in my opinion it can be, but whether this one is
   will be up to Debian to decide.

The article's title mentioned in the first paragraph is: "Debian
experiments with funding group to release 'etch' on time".  Even
if Anthony Towns and other Dunc-tankers claim that their project
is not affiliated to Debian, external people will still see this
project as being handled by the Debian Project Leader, and thus
implicitly by the Debian project.
But we, Debian developers, can make this confusion vanish,
and I would like to propose that we answer to the valid
question quoted in the second paragraph above by recalling
our Project Leader, as allowed by our Constitution
(section 4.1.1) and am seeking seconds for this proposal.

I don't understand how this proposal answers the question.

One answer implied by your proposal:  "Dunc-tank is
grounds for removing Debian's leader, that means it
is a debian project."

If this was the only answer implied by your proposal, I
might agree that your proposal makes confusion vanish.
But, it's one of many contradictory implied answers.


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