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Has the asset tracking GR been reviewed by a lawyer


I'll admit that I've been rather out of the loop of late, but I do try
to at least research GRs and make as informed of a decision as I can.

I was unable to find any legal review of the proposed changes to the

The idea of a project associated with a single non-profit for
financial and legal matters is fairly well established: there is
Debian and SPI, the IETf and ISOC, various arrangements involving the
BSDs and a number of other things I'm aware of.  Sometimes it works
better than others--the projects with lots of money tend to have
non-profits that are fairly organized, while projects with less money
often do not enjoy as much organization.

However, I'm concerned that the model we propose moving to may be much
more dubious from a legal standpoint.  Basically I'm not sure, and
without a legal review I'm sure I can't support it.

Has such a review happened?  If so, is it public?  If not public, can
we at least know who did the review and have an assertion that they
were happy with the proposed text?

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