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Re: Firmware proposals

On Thu, Aug 31, 2006 at 09:02:25PM +0200, Jacob Hallen wrote:

Nice analysis, but there is one completely wrong way to do this.

> My personal experience is that the larger the company, the smaller the 
> interest in change will be and they will only change when outside pressure 
> forces them to. This leads me to believe that the quickest way to a future 
> where we can distribute free firmware is by getting many users and that is 
> best accomplished by for the time being erring on the lax side - considering 
> unknown firmware to be data.

No way.

You don't consider firmware as data, you say ok, we aknowledge that for a
certain non-determined subgroup of firmware which are actually programs, we
lack those sources, but still distribute it.

Anything else is misleading and false, and furthermore will muddle the water
for our users and the discourse toward the manufacturers.


Sven Luther

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