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Re: The bigger issue is badly licensed blobs (was Re: Firmware poll

On Aug 30, Nathanael Nerode <neroden@fastmail.fm> wrote:

> Debian must decide whether it wants to ship BLOBs with licensing which
> technically does not permit redistribution.  At least 53 blobs have this
> problem.  Many of them are licensed under the GPL, but without source code
> provided.  Since the GPL only grants permission to distribute if you
> provide source code, the GPL grants no permission to distribute in these
> cases.
Many people disagree with this interpretation.

> Oddly enough nobody has proposed a GR addressing this, and Debian continues
> to ship 47 improperly licensed files in linux-2.6.  If I were SCO, I'd buy
> up the copyrights to them from the original companies, and then I'd have a
> real case for a lawsuit.
Not really. What effects do you think a lawsuit about this would have?


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