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Re: Amendment: special exception for firmware because of technical limitations

On Sat, 26 Aug 2006, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> >         3. supports the decision of the Release Team to require works such as
> > images, video, and fonts to be licensed in compliance with the DFSG without
> > requiring source code for these works under DFSG #2; and
> 	4. determines that as a special exception to DFSG #2, the source code
> for device firmwares contained in the kernel packages will not be
> required as long as there are no other technical means to install and
> run the Debian system on these devices.

May I suggest "... as long as Debian doesn't provide another technical
solution to use all the corresponding devices (both at installation and at

> Rationale: most of us want to release etch ASAP, and most of us want to
> remove the firmwares from the kernel ASAP. This is a way that shouldn't
> stop the ongoing work on both of these issues. The wording makes it
> clear that as soon as the kernel and d-i are able to use split out
> firmwares, the migration will have to be done. This way we won't
> discourage the work from Nathanael Nerode and other people who worked
> hard so far to remove the non-free blobs, and we won't hold etch
> development because of that issue.

I like the idea of this amendment, however it should be better worded.
Cf my suggestion above.

"devices do not run Debian" but "the Debian OS can use the devices".

Raphaël Hertzog

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