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Re: One non-DD's thoughts on dfsg-freeness and firmware

cshore@wightman.ca wrote:

>I realize that hardware includes non-free firmware in rom, but I think
>that observation misses the point.  Firmware in rom isn't being^M
>distributed by the debian project.  The first problem I see with debian
The good old "what I don't see cannot hurt me" argument.

>and non-free firmware is the question of provenance; where did it come
>from?  If it is extracted from a windows driver then legally it is a
>potential landmine as it there is no permission even to distribute.
This applies to *anything* we distribute. If you have serious reasons to
believe that we are distributing something illegally then you are
supposed to warn the maintainers responsible for it and/or the
ftpmasters. If you don't, then please stop spreading FUD.

>The second problem I see is that if it is part of main, the debian
>project is claiming it is dfsg-free, which is most often not the case.
Free is what we define to be free.


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