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Re: Proposal: The DFSG do not require source code for data, including firmware


> Well, the point is the following. From the driver point of view, it speaks to
> the device, with a given protocol, over a given hardware interface (pci,
> random set of GPIO pins, etc).

No. It talks to the firmware. Or do you really believe anything else
then the firmware can give a sensible answer to commands like 'get
version' ? And why do the commands remain unanswered before the firmware
is loaded ?

> But there is no way the device driver can make a difference between speaking
> to said firmware program running on the device, or to a firmware version not
> uploaded but hold in flash, or to a hardcoded non-firmware device.

It can. Requests remain unanswered or return an error when the driver sends them 
before the firmware is loaded.  Requests do get answered properly after the firmware 
has been loaded and started. 

In short don't try to deny reality...


Peter (p2).

Goa is a state of mind

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