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Re: Vote analysis

Anthony Towns wrote:
> So, by the looks of things, we get the same result with either
> American-style voting (only the first ranked candidate counts)

Actually, by American-style voting, several of the candidates would have
needed to band together to geta bigger share of the votes, with the ones
perceived less likely to win not apprearing on the ballot at all, except
possibly as veeps. However, these parties would make sure to try to
appeal to as many people as possible, so they'd be very similar
underneath. So we might have had a ballot like this:

Andreas (with Bill as veep, and Steve losing in the primaries, and
         shadowy figures backing)
Jeroen (with Ted as veep, and AJ losing in the primaries, and shadowy
        figures backing)

Votes would be cast by editing /media/floppy/i-want-to-vote on gluck,
with no file locking, revision control, or GPG keys (but with, possibly,
a LD_PRELOADED /lib/diebold.so causing some writes not to happen). Of
course, only users in groups 18+ can vote.

And votes would be counted by a shell one-liner that Manoj developes on
the fly before each vote. Although sometimes the tech committee would
step in and require that he add arbitrary "grep -v"'s to it and run it

So due to Ted's suprising unpopularity, I expect Andreas would have won
that vote. Although some people would think that it's all Ari's fault
that Jeroen wasn't elected.

But hey, instead of this graphvis nonsense, we would have a nice map
with big blocky red and blue bits on it, to nicely indicate how utterly
divided the project was on the vote. And Andreas would have lots of
money to spread around to his loyal supporters. So everything would be

see shy jo, congrats on your win btw

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