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GR proposal - Restricted-media amendments to the DFSG

After the vote of GR 2006-001, we end up with an unclear situation about
the GNU Free Documentation License. While documents using this license
are considered free provided they don't use invariant sections, the DFSG
don't contain the necessary modifications. Therefore, I'm proposing the
following general resolution:

Following the result to GR 2006-001, the following modifications will be
made to the Debian Free Software Guidelines:

At the end of DFSG #2, the following text should be added:
        "The license may restrict distribution to some kinds of media if
        it is still possible to distribute the source code and compiled
        code together on at least one machine-readable medium."

At the end of DFSG #6, the following text should be added:
        "As a special exception, the license may forbid use of
        technical measures to restrict access or use of the software

Since this modifies the DFSG, this requires a 3:1 majority to pass.
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