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Re: Question for candidate Schuldei

On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 02:59:49AM +0200, Daniel Stone wrote:
> #dplteam2006:
> < stockholm> - the littel oppinon poll that i did (asking ~30-40 people)
>              was totally overwealming: everyone but mjg would have been
>              in favour [of the proposed GR to force people into
>              DSA/security/ftpmaster -daniels] and could not really
>              believ that the ftp-masters/DSA would honestly say that
>              they could not be delegated
> < Maulkin> stockholm: Not true.
> < Maulkin> I didn't say that.
> < vorlon> stockholm: er, was I part of your opinion poll?
> < stockholm> vorlon: no, you werent

> Andreas,
> If you lie and seek to misrepresent the truth, to your own DPL team, why
> do you expect to be trusted with the entire Project?  Additionally, do
> you believe that a DPL team can be effective and successful if they are
> provided with incorrect information?

Could you explain why the last two lines quoted are relevant to your
question?  They don't look particularly relevant to me.

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