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Re: For Andreas: how can you work full-time for DPL

* Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> [2006-03-06 14:42:54]:

> those questions are for Andreas only: twice in your platform you say 
> "I can work full-time as DPL".
> Why can you make that claim ?
> If you any have any special arrangements to have free time for Debian, is that
> conditioned to your election or will you benefit from those even if you're
> not elected ?

last year i explained this further:

"Presently I am paid to work on Debian-Edu. I would continue to
enjoy the support of my employer, if elected, as he believes the
role of DPL is crucial to Debian - this would also allow me to
work on DPL issues during work hours."

This remains true, except that during the last year I did only
little technical work on Debian-Edu but moved more and more to
full time DPLish tasks like coordination and organisation.

Currently I work on raising funds for the Foundation behind
Debian-Edu, so that they can keep employing me and others.  The
good people of the Foundation think that my work as a DPL would
benefit Debian considerably and indirectly further Debian-Edu,
since it would have a better base to build on.

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